Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Gen 2 looks HAMANN BMW X6 Tycoon ?

Hamann Motorsport is the most famous recently for such outrageous machines as Mercedes-Benz SLR-based Volcano Hamann, but his treatment of the more-secular turn X6 car, which probably never would have been to a high performance, high-style machine you 're maizy the Tycoon.

In Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon improves and is based on the platform X6 in almost every way. A couple of engine options, but the truth, gear heads want to look at treatment for Hamann X6 diesel. With xDrive35d engine as a basis, Hamann coaxes 315 horses and mammoth 487 lb-ft. torque on the crank. Granted, the X6 is a heavy car .. crossover. . anything, but we bet moves.

Hamann hints at even more powerful X6 Tycoon using xDrive50d as jumping-off point. If plans work as expected, but we talk a great platform moment.

On the external side, that Hamann X6 Tycoon body gets extension through a new front and rear air dams and skirts the entire package by wrapping around and extending around the wells. Aero package is complemented by the rear spoilers and roof-deck. In Tycoon looks so menacing and important, without too far into the realm overstated.

Most immediately eye-catching 23 inch design EDITION RACE anodized alloys wrapped in 315/25R23 tires front and rear. In Tycoon X6 will look like most houses in the city, even though he should be able to handle himself well on the back side of the road.

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Gen 2 looks HAMANN BMW X6 Tycoon ?
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Tulis comments
20 October, 2010 04:10

Hamann BMW keeps an awesome look outwards. Its gorgeous appearance attracted me to see its interior. Most of these black BMW are my favorite. Its capacity as per your blog is very well. But I'm not getting the proper price of this model.