Saturday, 28 November 2009

My Saga BLM Service After 6215 KM

My Saga BLM Service After 6215 KM

Servis kali ni buat kat SC Malim, Melaka. Antara yang ditukar dan diservis ialah:

Syntium 800 SM 15W/50 - 1000L PER IBC = RM 97.00
Oil Filter = RM 12.22
Gasket Plug - Oil Drain = RM 2.52
Antibac Treatment = RM 19.80
X-1R Engine Treatment = RM 48.00
Magnetrap = RM 68.00

TOTAL = RM 247.54

Magnetrap sampai RM 68.00 tu... tak tau la function dia ok ke tak...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


The highest specification level of the Perodua Alza is actually a model called the Perodua Alza Advanced Version, which is basically based on the Alza 1.5 Automatic Premium and Manual Premium but with a few additional specifications. You can book this now but delivery will only start in March 2010.

You basically get a new bodykit which consists of front, rear and side skirts and a different rear spoiler. On the inside, you get leather seat covers for all the seats, but the leather treatment does not continue onto the door trim. Also provided is a 5 inch touchscreen LCD which has a Windows CE-based GPS navigation system with a SiRF Atlas IV chipset and 500MHz CPU. The LCD also displays a feed from a 150 degree lense reverse camera.

Finally, there is tinted film for all the glass in the Alza which Perodua claims is GPS and SmartTAG friendly. Perodua states the specifications as following: 95% IR rejection, 99% UV rejection, 70% light for the front windscreen and about over 50% light for the rest of the glass. This tint has a 5 year warranty against peeling, oxidisation, cracking, discoloration and fading. I assume that as an OEM option this tint is also JPJ-approved.

The Alza Advanced Version manual goes for RM66,490 for solid and RM66,990 for metallic, while the Alza Advanced Version automatic goes for RM69,490 for solid and RM69,990 for metallic. The S. Metallic option is missing because the Alza Advanced Version only comes in three colours – Ivory White, Ebony Black and Classy Purple, while the only special metallic colour is Pearl White.

I reckon you could probably get a good Garmin nuvi for under RM1,000 and add on a very good set of tint for about RM2,000 to RM3,000 or so maximum. If you don’t want the leather seat covers and bodykit you’re better off adding your own tint and GPS. Not sure about the cost of the reverse camera though.

Look after the jump for more pix of the Alza Advanced Version.

Thursday, 19 November 2009



Here is the new PERODUA MPV is release now, that is PERODUA ALZA. What do u think about the name? I think this PERODUA ALZA will give a fight with PROTON EXORA. The price also same with PROTON EXORA, around RM 65,000 to RM 70,000+ I think. For more details you can see at PERODUA ALZA website. This PERODUA ALZA is open for book now and it is AMAZING MPV!