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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Many of us will be confused whether to buy the latest affordable Proton Exora 1.6litre CPS RM65k or the fuel economy Grand Livina 1.6l/1.8l from RM80k to RM100k or Chery Eastar with its Mitsubishi engine 2.4l from RM78k to RM88k or another cheapest MPV Naza Citra from RM65k with 2.0l engine or Luxury style Kia Rondo from RM83k with its 2.0l engine.

To be truth and to be fair, every MPV got its own speciality. Many people like to compare and comment this 5 MPV as if they got the best MPV in Malaysia. Just accept the facts and know that all MPV cannot be compared in terms of “what you want” to say other MPV is not good whatsoever.

I read many of car forumers arguing and protecting their MPV and beat other brand’s MPV. For what? It doesn’t make sense.

In Chery forum they said Livina is small, in Livina Forum they said Chery is low quality China made MPV, in Rondo forum they said Exora is underpower car.. Better don’t judge an MPV emotionally. If you want to buy, go test drive it yourself, compare the specification of MPV with what you want and what really suit your needs and buy it.

For example, if you want a big MPV that really can fit 7 people inside, go for Proton Exora or Chery Eastar. Rondo is ok than Livina and Citra 3rd row space. If you prefer performance and fuel efficiency best MPV fuel consumption, 1.6litre & 1.8litre Grand Livina is the solid answer instead of bigger engine capacity Chery Eastar 2.4 litre. If you want more luxury and nice interior finishing, go for Kia Rondo because the interior is very good with black leather and nice dashboard. If you want a cheap MPV but you also need a higher performance engine, get the Naza Citra. If you need a value for money MPV, go for Proton Exora with acceptable 1.6litre CPS engine, bigger space and good looking MPV.

Credit to KDI.


  1. you're right....i already drove exora with full xtra size passenger from alor star to kul....there is nothing to be said as under power.....i can easilly reach 180kmh without taking too much time for engine also can climb the menora hill not about the car but it is about your foot and hands controlling the car......

  2. sure or not 180kmh..@youtube max speed exora 160kmh only....

  3. 1.3 MYVI easyly beat exora when climbing the hill along Kupang-Grik. Wonder exora can reach 180km/h

  4. Maybe distnce from alor setar tu kul 180km pergi balik.

  5. hurm,i dont know how to comment about this car coz my cousin buyed this car n he said the car too slow n not pick up at all..

  6. Tested with Kia Rondo, very nice car. Goto test drive then you will know what is the different.


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