Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Proton Saga BLM Spin Edition is not a modified car by Proton but it just a custom car with Spin bodykit. Anyway, I thing this bodykit looks very cool and make your car 'nampak garang' ma..

Spinz is a company that does after market bodykit for cars. At the mean time they are focusing on Saga BLM body. Spinz owner use to do design for R3 Neo / R3 Club Sport / Bla bla bla.

Few weeks ago, we held a meeting in motorsport playground to talk about sponsorship on 5 of blmclub cars to put on the new Spinz bodykit for Saga BLM for free. but there are a few conditions that needs to be met before your car is chosen.

They got 2 types of body kit which is,
1) 90 degree body kit. its an add on of front lip / side skirt / rear lip and spoiler.

2) 180 degree body kit. FULL bodykit change. Side front fender / Front bumper / Back bumper / Side skirt.

But only one lucky person will get the 180 degree body kit change and 4 of them will only get 90 degree change

The conditions / requirements are as followed.
1) Exhaust system must be stock. Meaning the muffle is stock
2) Must be available at all Auto show that has been scheduled by Spinz (not all auto shows only once a month or at most twice a month) If your not available u need to ask some1 to send your car there. If u miss 2 auto shows u will need to pay for the entire set of the spinz bodykit w/o questions
3) Must be a BLMCLUB member with blmclub sticker at the back of the windscreen and sticker numbering
4) Must be a stock car that has no bodykit. unless ur willing to take off ur old kit at ur own cost
5) Contract needs to be sign before proceed

This is only Applicable for members that are from,
Kuala Lumpur - 2 cars - Spinz 180degree / 90 degree Bodykit
Terrenganu - 1 car - Spinz 90 degree Bodykit
Penang - 1 car - Spinz 90 degree Bodykit
Johor - 1 car - Spinz 90 degree Bodykit

So far in KL, Spinz has already chosen 1 member name VINZ to carry the Spinz kit. but they has not chosen wether to let him use Spinz 180 degree or Spinz 90 degree bodykit.

So Hurry up and Post your car picture here and Apply for this Amazing Spinz Sponsorship.

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